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hello again, at the top of the hour, there's a lot of must want traffic. hi, elmo, it's been a long time. tada! >> elmo's originator grew up here in turner station. and also, the blue guy will be with us, also. >> sharon has the traffic after the weather. well, a nice day shaping up we have temperatures in the 50s and a lot of stars outside. we're going to 76 degrees. the average is 80 and breezy
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and cooler. not as windy as yesterday, but the breeze is still out there. 54 degrees and tomorrow, a nice day and full of sunshine we'll have the complete updated forecast in a few moments. trouble on 95, south of the city. here's sharon. hi, there, don, we have an accident on 95 and we have a problem we can show you live outside on 895. watch for debris on 895 southbound. that's blocking the right lane. not sure about the debris, but it's causing a minor backup. and 95 past 175 on the shoulder. fire activity in the city. also, traffic lights remaining on flash in the city at north charles street. there's a look at the speeds around the beltway. everything's at speed and above on the top and the westside's of the beltway. now, taking another look outside. and there's a look at the
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topside. same for the westside of the beltway. remember, wjz is always on, for traffic information any time, go to by the way, don, that's grover. >> thank you. and now, that i hear the name, i must have known him. and we'll continue to follow breaking news from overnight. another fire whips through a home. wjz and andrea fujii are live on the scene. good morning, andrea. >> good morning, once again, don and everyone. the fact cause of all three fires is still under investigation. weather may be to blame, but they're not ruling out arson either. >> 100 firefighters and 40 fire engines converge on west baltimore as three fires broke out in the span of a few hours yesterday. first, calhoun street turns
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chaotic and then, that fire sparked one on west carey street. my room is all smoked up from coming in the back. >> reporter: ten row homes were engulfed and eight were vacant. then, another fire near charles street. conditions are ripe for scenes like these. strong winds and dry weather are feeding and fanning the flames. >> it certainly could have played a factor in the second fire. when the companies arrived, there was heavy fire and smoke. the embers may have blown on to another home. >> reporter: bernadette woods: >> it's so dry, we haven't had any real rain in 2 1/2 weeks. then,the humidity has dropped between 15 and 20%. that's dry around here. >> and even a dwelling fire, if you have the wind from oneside
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where the fire side is, it will push it through the house rapidly. certainly, it intensifies the firefighting efforts. >> we're live on north calhoun street. many of the homes were sitting vacant. it's not clear how many are effected this morning. >> thank you, andrea. no one was seriously injured in any of the blazes. investigators now suspect foul play in a barn fire in west virginia. it broke out behind the charlestown racetrack. it's believed an accelerant may have been used. and while you were sleeping, bge and public works crews tried to restore outages. that was because of a power
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outage in reisterstown. 1500 customers were without electricity and an unknown number without water service. everything should be back to normal. >> and history's been made at bwi. more passengers have taken flight there and kai has more. >> reporter: from sun up to sundown. jets ferry passengers in and out of the airport. and now, the officials say that 2 million people flew through the airport in july. it's an all time record for passenger traffic in july. for our customers, this is yesterday, another indication of the strength of the airport itself. we offer an excellent customer service. >> how do you grade an airport on the customer efficiency. >> how long you have to wait to get through security and when you also arrive. >> reporter: this represents an
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increase in the passengers and the fees could discourage many travelers. >> more passengers there are, the busier it gets and the more lines you have to fight. what it shows is that more are coming to baltimore. maybe the economy is stimulated and people are interested in the city. >> reporter: news that bwi's tarmac is replaced is evidence of a growing transportation hub. the airplanes are heavier and the footprint of the airplanes needs to be accommodated. it's an indication of the strength of the marketplace. numbers reflect the fact that the economy in the state and the region is moving in a positive direction. bwi had record breaking travel in the month of june. now, back to you. >> thank you, and south west airlines served half of the two million people through the airport.
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>> the orioles come close to sweeping the yankees. brad bergesen gives up four runs and matt wieters gets a 2 run home run. there and nick swisher gives the yankees a win. the orioles lose 3-2. they'll play the tigers in detroit tomorrow night. old spice gets rid of the horse and on thes for a raven. >> i play for real football. it takes a lot of hard work. a pinch of love, muscles and salt, and beer. old spice, swagger body wash. [low audio] >> the video's been posted on youtube. that's where we got it. the last commercial generated 14 million hits there. >> and the ravens play in a few days live here on wjz-13.
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you can see the ravens taking on the jets in new jersey next monday night. that starts 6:30 here on wjz- 13. since the football season begins today. it's time to sign up for the profootball challenge. go to and pick games each week and match yourself up against our ten recognizable participants. we can't, but you can win a prize. go to the home page and click on the icon to register or sign up. >> all right! well, i was noting, talking to some of the web producers that one of the prizes we can't win is a trip to hawaii. >> wow >> >> [ cheers and applause ] >> that's nice. -- did you win last year? >> yes. i didn't win a trip to hawaii. >> bragging rights. >> i got a can of hawaiian punch. you want one?
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>> oh, what was his name. i don't remember his name. >> yeah, he used to give a nice hawaiian punch. i'll pass this time. >> we're looking at a temperature, pretty much indicative of what it's like. you've been to hawaii, breezy, 76 degrees and mostly sunny. and we're looking at 54 degrees tonight and clear, breezy and cooler again. tomorrow -- >> i think his name was punchy. >> i didn't realize he had a name. and you're correct. i'm told by the control room. >> i don't know why i knew that. >> i wish that i had known grover earlier, there's elmo and grover, i apologize, on the left and mike schuh is behind them, i bet. >> hey, there he is. >> yeah, you're good. some things in life you can't help but smile when you see.
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thank you. >> and these two guys with ping- pong ball eyes, they're here, they're live, we'll talk to them, well, kind of when we return on eyewitness news. ,,,,,,
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find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today. well, we have a delightful day shaping up. the overnight lows provided cool, dry air and a nice dry air. we have 57 at bwi. 48 is the dew point and humidity at 71%. a dry wind at 8 miles per hour and the barometer is rising. we have 46 in oakland and temperatures in the 50s going up across washington county. 52 in couple cup and 59 on the shore. and 76 towards pax river.
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the winds are up to double digits. we'll have a light wind today around the 10 to 15 miles per hour range. still, a substantial breeze throughout the day. it will be a cooler one with high pressure building in and a low pressure system offshore and it's getting a bit of pressure between the two systems. it's bringing the cool winds, sustained tonight and tomorrow. the sunshine and blue skies will be abundant. we'll have cooler conditions in place. the average high around 80 degrees and we'll be below that today. with the warm front lifting in, we'll have a chance of showers by sunday. and we have igor moving in. the tropical storm movement is stationary. the winds are at 40 miles per hour. it's 70 miles south of the southern northeast cape verde islands. it's about two weeks from
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moving anywhere near us. small craft advisory throughout tomorrow afternoon and the sunrise at 6:42. 76 degrees and mostly sunny, breezy and cool and tonight, 54 degrees and clear, breezy and cool and a cool, moonlit sky and 82 saturday and 77 sunday and a chance of showers and 80 for monday and tuesday. what awaits you on your way to work and school. >> well well, cleared up the debris and we have an accident on 95. take a look at 95 northbound past 175, that was blocking the left lane. and fire activity in the city and watch for traffic lights on flash at north charles street. taking a live look outside, there's a look at 295 and no delays there and everything's looking good at 895.
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the earlier debris is blocked and traffic moving well on 83 north of the beltway. traffic is brought to you by toyota. buy right the first time, you'll save more in the long run. >> thank you, and we'll go to the first mariner arena where mike's having fun. we've been watching you on the monitor. well, you can't take your eyes off of these guys. how often do you get a personal audience with them. elmo, how old are you? >> which is what? 3. and grover is? 4. i asked them earlier if it -- how old are you?
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>> these many! old enough. i'll put it that way. i asked if they come to fista cuffs. >> and who starts? >> there we go, you big ping- pong ball eyed looking things. people are yelling in the window. they're excited. i'm excited to be talking to amanda. [low audio. >> every year, they have something else they've dreamed up to lure the kids in and they come. and he looks superto me. >> this is supergrover and it's elmo's healthy heros and supergrover loses his superness. >> how do you get it back.
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>> well, elmo and friends are the heros. they'll teach people to sleep, take care of our bodice -- bodies and eat healthy food and exercise. >> well, adults should come to this as well. a lot of us might want to do that. you'll be in town for a limited time. >> we start shows tonight, thursday until sunday. we have eight shows. >> yes. and this show, i understand that it won't cost you an arm and a leg. >> no, you can get tickets from like $15. you can go to the first mariner arena box office an our website also. >> okay, i just wanted to say, elmo, it's a pleasure to meet you, grover, i like how they buff your hands. for some reason, i feel like i should be doing this. i don't know why.
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it seems like the right thing to do. with my blue and red friend, will you come home with me. can we play. i feel like working the rest of the day. we have cameras and fun stuff. all right, guys. >> he's heard about the hill top. >> so much fun being able to relive your childhood or your child's childhood. most of us got to watch sesame street. and how many got to play with them one-on-one. >> i met elmo once. they don't talk. >> elmo talked when he was here. he brought kevin clash from turner station. if you see the anniversary tape, you would know about it. >> coming up next on the morning edition. >> i'm alex demetrick and weather extremes in maryland and whether morere,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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design -- scientists say that global warming is already happening. >> reporter: too much rain in
6:25 am
too little time. extremes are happening this past summer. >> having a stable environment and agricultural and one we understand and we're comfortable with, that's a strong motivation to do something about the climate change. a climate that's heating up and it's been for decades. from a century of satellites, the computer modeling lets the scientists look back. they see more extreme weather coming. from more powerful hurricanes along the coast to more heavy snows like this winter's back to back blizzards. a warmer world means that more water evaporates and fules more extreme weather. we head towards the world where there's more flooding and longer droughts. >> those concerns were voiced at a nonprofit in maryland. this is one of the places that went under water up the bay in
6:26 am
2003. and maryland is pushing for legislation. > >> new clean car standards and federal legislation to combat global warming. >> legislation that's yet to enter into the calculation. and extreme weather carries an extreme price tag. damage from isabelle cost $4 billion. and yet to come, a tornado in texas and maybe several and a big rig goes flying and a theme park shuts down. that's the beginning of the damage in the loan star state. >> dozens of firefighters battle fires throughout the city and investigators know what started it all. i'm andrea fujii and that's just ahead. >> i'm tara mergener in
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washington. pressure's mounting on a florida minister not to burn copies of the koran on 9/11. if you're about to head out, we have a few accidents to worry about. we'll send it to tim now. in for marty bass. we'll tell you about a cool, breezy day and your weekend ahead. and are you could wanting on the ravens to make a super bowl. we'll talk to archie manning talking about a contest that could land you in dallas for the next super bowl. ,,,,,,,,
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everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same.
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if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician. definitely.
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it's 6:30 and the jewish new year. happy rosh hashashana.
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>> well, we're having a breeze and that's part of the forecast on the day. we're starting out with temperatures above the 50s and we'll get to 76 and breezy and cool and tonight, breezy and school. tonight, the sky is clear and not a cloud in sight. and 75 tomorrow and a full day of sunshine and overnight lows in the 50s. . >> thank you, if you're heading out soon, here's sharon with traffic control. >> we're also startling -- starting to see the volume on the westside of the beltway. we have an accident on 95. that's past 175. that's on the shoulder and you can see the speeds still above the posted speeds there. traffic lights are still unflashing at north charles street. there's a look at the drive times and the speeds on the beltway and the topside still
6:32 am
at the full speed and the westside slowing down just a little bit and the average speed, 51 miles per hour with the 12 minute drivetime and there's a live look at the westside at liberty road. it's definitely slowing and everything's running smoothly at 83 and shawan and everything's at full speed. this is brought to you by your toyota dealer. toyota, moving forward. at the top of the news, busy afternoon and then overnight for baltimore city firefighters. hours after they battled the big blaze in west baltimore, they spring into action again. good morning, andrea. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. this is where the first fire started yesterday on north calhoun street. firefighters say that winds blew an ember from this fire
6:33 am
over a block to start the second. 100 firefighters and 40 fire engines converge on west baltimore as three fires broke out yesterday. first, calhoun street turned chaotic and then, the firefighters say that fire sparked one on west carey street. >> my room is call smoked up from coming in the back. >> reporter: ten row homes engulfed and eight vacant. then, another fire breaks out. conditions are ripe for scenes like these. strong winds and dry weather are feeding and fanning the flames. >> this could have played a factor in the second fire. we don't know at this point. when the companies arrived on location, they were heavy fires and smoke conditions that could very well -- the embers could have blown on to the other homes. >> reporter: bernadette woods
6:34 am
has more. >> it's been so incredibly dry, we haven't had rain in two weeks and then, the humidity that's come in with the air mass, it's dropped between 15 and 20%. even a dwelling fire. if you have the wind from the fireside, it will push the fire through the house. and it intensifies the firefighting efforts. >> now, the exact cause of all fires are still under investigation. and firefighters say that arson is not being ruled out. don, back to you. >> it's not clear how many families were effected. a man is now charged with murdering his ex-wife after she's found dead in a burning pardon me in columbia. she was found dead in her home with her injured ex-husband.
6:35 am
she was stabbed to death. it's white's sister that speaks to us. >> it's a sad situation, we don't know what happened. he told my mom they were reconciling and getting back together and that was the beginning of august. >> he was in a rough place in his life. i'm not condoning anything he did, i don't know what he did. >> they said he said, if i can't have you, no one will. >> the remnants of hermine track northward. one caused a tractor trailer to be airborne. the six flags park in arlington closed when a creek overflowed and the floods caused residents to be stranded.
6:36 am
flash flooding to the south killed two motorists yesterday. >> in florida, he's not backing down. the minister who's planning on burning korans is sticking to his guns even though people are warning it could cost american lives elsewhere. >> reporter: two days before the pastor terry jones is planning on burning the koran, the state department ordered u.s. embassies to brace for the fallout. >> we hope that the world appreciates this is an action of a small fringe group and doesn't represent the views of america as a whole. >> reporter: protests around the globe intensified over the past week and despite the pressure from the vatican and several others, jones refuses to back down. on september 11th, we shall continue with the planned
6:37 am
event. >> reporter: it's been universally condemned, but it's protected by the first amendment. >> as long as they're his korans and his property, the government can't stop him. >> reporter: one florida man tried to do that. i come in peace. >> reporter: he met privately with jones. we think that he can express his feelings in a different way, a more savized way -- civilized way. >> when you're putting our troops in harms way, it's time to back off. >> reporter: there's no sign that's about to happen. his church already has 200 korans to burn this weekend. some sent by supporters. in washington, tara mergener, wjz-13, eyewitness news. >> also, an update on the plans
6:38 am
to build an islamic center near ground zero. opponents want it moved away from where the islamic terrorists killed the world trade center killing 2800 people. and a nationwide tour of duty makes a stop in maryland today. about a month now, the emts and firefighters started from california and on their way to new york city. they'll stop at loyola tonight. and turning to sports. baseball is a game of redemption and that was true for those in pinstripes yesterday afternoon. swisher strikes out on a questionable call and he'll come back in the 9th inning. he hits a two run home run and
6:39 am
the final score, 3-2. the orioles play detroit tomorrow night almost >> cnn named his replacement. pierce morgan, known as the america's got talent judge will take over the job moving from los angeles to new york at the same time. he'll do celebrity and news interviews. he's known as a tab tabloid editor. he was also on donald trump's show -- the celebrity apprentice. i think he won it. >> one of the only guys that didn't hear, you're fired and now, he's hired a knew. >> yeah, you have to have that kind of mean british guy on shows like that.
6:40 am
he'll make for an interesting interviewer. >> yes. >> and we're looking at 75 degrees today and not bad and breezy and clear. >> and coming up on coffee with, he's a former nfl player and now, his sons are nfl stars. it's archie manning joining us as the regular season kicks off tonight. find out how your football photos could win you a trip to the super bowl in dallas, texas. don't go away, we'll baa right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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we're on target for both of the temperatures. tonight, 57 and this is the coolest it's been so far. just the sunrise, we're at the coolest point of the evening. 148 the dew point -- 48 is the dew point and a west wind at 8 miles per hour and we have 46 in oakland and 59 on the shore and 57 in elkton. those are the points around the
6:44 am
state and we have an average of the 50s areawide and we'll go up to the 70s. a west wind at 8 miles per hour blowing across central maryland and heavier winds towards pax river and 12 miles per hour winds and that's closer to where we all level out with the low pressure offshore in new england and high pressure building in. we have a bit of wind out there that will stay throughout the rest of the week. tonight, a bit breezy and tomorrow, breezy and not as windy as yesterday. we missed out on the moisture from hermine. it didn't pick up the moisture with the warm front coming through sunday. until then, we'll have a delightful stretch of weather. igor is the 9th named storm of
6:45 am
the season, it's 70 miles south of the cape verde islands. it's stationary and we'll keep you posted on the storm. it's two weeks away from making any movements towards the mainland, u.s.. your sunset at 7:25 and small craft advisory throughout tomorrow afternoon and winds on the way at the west to 15 to 20 knots. 76 degrees today and clear and breezy. tomorrow's high, 75 and 82 saturday and right on throughout the weekend. >> how about the get up and go. here's sharon. >> well, it's getting slower on the beltway. we have two accidents working in the city. one coming into us from north martin luther king jr. boulevard. we have a traffic light on flash at north charles street
6:46 am
and starting to see delays on 95 between the beltway and 895. that's at 31 miles per hour. there's a look at the drive times and the speeds on the beltway. the topside down to 53 miles per hour and the westside at 46 miles per hour and a 14 minute drive time. and taking a live look outside, there's a look at the westside at liberty road. you can see a few brake lights there and everything's running smoothly. and you'll have to tap your brakes again. everything's fine there. and you'll find quality cars and trucks and toyota, moving forward. back to you. thank you, and don't forget, wjz would like to see your purple pride. e-mail your favorite raven's related photos to and you can also click on a link at's home page.
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>> also, this morning's coffee with is football related. it's with archie manning, the father of two nfl quarterbacks. don't look at the internet, that's showing nothing to do with it. this was provided by cannon cameras. >> let's welcome archie manning back. how are you, marty. >> our executive producer, born and raised in new orleans and she's wearing her saint's necklace and saints colors today and she's told me, take the two kids, take payton, take -- just give me archie, she's so excited you're on the show.
6:48 am
would you say hello to mikel? >> mikel, you sound like a real whodat! well, i just heard a streak and a thud coming from the control room. unbelievable. >> thanks, marty. well, we were talking about this and this was a cooler promotion. photos of amateur football. two categories. let's talk about this a second. >> well, it's the 5th year, i've been fortunate enough to be with cannon. once again, they've teamed up with the why do you love football photo challenge. we encourage people to send in their favorite youth photo, you have until december 1st to do it. once again, a trip to the haul of name and enshine slipment.
6:49 am
there, enshrinement. , and i'm one of the judges who's not a professional photographer. it's difficult, you can enter and find out about it by going to the website. >> and you know what, the pictures on the website. i remember looking at last years, it's a pure emotion type of photo we're looking for here. the one behind you is pure emotion. thereer kids running with balls in the backyard. it tends to bring out the best of why we love football. >> well, it does. for the young people and you know, it's not necessarily, it's not the high school game, but the backyard and the girls in a powder football. we get great entries. as a judge, it's hard to get it
6:50 am
down. we get it down to 14 finalists and between december 20th and january 7th, the fans vote. >> and it gets to a point where you say, you could have made it. >> it's not easy to judge these things. and the team category, it's great. >> photography is so important, it's so popular and the teams wanting to get involved. they sent in great stuff. >> you know what's interesting. on all of the cell phones, you have a good quality camera and once you dump it on the computer and send it, it's just as good as the cameras we were running around with when we were little kids. >> some people now, of course, everyone likes to have their
6:51 am
cannon, people don't always take it along. they have their phone quality also. photographer is popular. >> no disrespect to cannon, i have one at home i use. here's the website. that will get you all of the information you need. and has mikel recovered? >> no, she's not yet. >> man, oh man. you put someone on injured reserved. >> she's like everyone in new orleans, they're wearing their black and gold. >> and i hope the saints and everyone else -- elementary and jr., college and prohave a fun year, that's what it's all about, man. i agree, marty, thank you. pleasures ours. thank you, and bye bye. here's the website and go for
6:52 am
it. >> we had a few entries. i think we had a finalist last year from the maryland area. and we'll check it out and take a break. we'll be back with the weather and more as the morning edition continues after this. . ,,,,,,,,
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6:54 am
6:55 am
well, we're looking at a nice day. temperatures better than yesterday's temperatures. 75 today and 75 tomorrow and then, we'll get up to 82 saturday and a chance of showers sunday and that will knock the temperatures back to 77 and we'll warm up again. 80 on tuesday and overnight lows in the upper 50s to the 60s. now, for a look at the roads with sharon gibala. >> hey, sharon. >> hi, tim, good morning, everyone. if you're want to head out, we have a few accidents. en one in the city, in fact, two in the city. one on north martin luther king jr. boulevard and the second at pulaski highway. we have traffic lights flashing at north charles and the delays on95. one in whitemarsh from 895. that's a 39 miles per hour average and a 5 minute drive.
6:56 am
49 miles per hour on the westside. that's the slowest spot. taking a live look outside, 83 and york road. no problems at 95 and joppa. there's a look at 83 and york road. this is brought to you by the national aquarium. kids and parents make a splash. and music and story time at 10:00 a.m. don, back to you. >> thank you, and firefighters in the city had a busy few hours dealing with four separate fires in the area yesterday. the two separate fires are north calhoun. and another two alarm fire on west madison. high winds may be to blame for spreading the winds around. a man is charged in the death of his ex-wife the 35-year-old was found stabbed to death tuesday. her injured ex-husband was also
6:57 am
in the apartment. he was hurt before the place started. and stay with ,,,,,,,,
6:58 am
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